Wednesday, December 8, 2010

King Tut, #3

The intellectual high-ground of xenophobia
When famine, earthquake, or other disaster struck, this group of people fled to their neighbor, the richest, most powerful nation on earth.  There, they worked, lived, loved, and learned from their powerful neighbors.  Cultures merged as new ideas were brought to both sides.

Germans dealing with Turks?
French dealing with North African and Middle Eastern immigrants?
Americans dealing with Mexicans?


Ancient Egyptians and the Jewish people.  

The Jews and the Egyptians have a history with one another going back to at least 1000 before the birth of Tutankhamen.  After the death of Joseph, a Pharoh, who was unfamiliar with Joseph and his story, enslaved the Jews, subjecting them to great cruelty.  

Donny Osmond as Joseph
and his coat of
many colors
Several generations later, another Pharoh did not like the high birthrate of the Jewish people.  This Pharoh saw Jews as vermin who were taking over Egypt.  He decided to control their population and demoralize them by murdering their first-born sons.  God intervened to save His chosen people.  God saw to it that Moses was saved by Pharoh's daughter.  He then saved them via a series of plagues, and finally, His Passover.  

Today's connection to the papacy is through Jesus' family, the Jews.  There's lots of video in this one.  Let's get started!
5 Degrees
King Tutankhamun with 3000 pounds of gold make-up

Fifth Degree: King Tutankhamun
King Tutankhamun without his 3000 pounds of make-up
Fourth Degree: Amenhotep II
Amenhotep II, the most likely candidate for the pharoh of the Exodus
The Great-Great Granpa (and uncle) of King Tut
Third Degree: Moses
Although he is not a direct ancestor of Jesus, Moses and Jesus have a common ancestor, Abraham.  The Jewish people have brought many wonderful things to the world.  Besides the Messiah, they have given us a wonderful sense of humor.  

Second Degree: Abraham, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus Christ
For a full genealogy of Jesus' foster father click here.  You can also see Exodus 2:1-2 and Matthew 1:1-17.
Since Abraham is father of all Jewish people, he would be a common ancestor for both Mary and Joseph.  

First Degree: Saint Peter
Saint Peter was Pope #1.  John Paul II was Pope #265

Dr. Zahi Hawass has figured prominently in all the Tut reckonings.  Here he is discussing the restoration of a Jewish Temple in Egypts history.  To deny the history of all the people of a region is to deny history itself.  For my post about anti-semetism click here.  Enjoy!

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