Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Bomber

OMG, I just found out that I taught at the bombers' elementary school 10 years ago
WHEN THEY WERE THERE.  Ewwwww.  I'm so grossed out.
I didn't teach them, my friend had those grades, but I'm so creeped out. 
Sixth Degree: John Tlumacki, photographer for the Botston Globe and Sports Illustrated.  These are some of his photos from the April 15 bombing of The Boston Marathon yesterday.  My husband and I were not home in Massachusetts when it happened.  It's April vacation, so we were en route to Maine at the time.  To say that the news was heartbreaking would be understating our feelings.  We called friends of ours who go to the marathon every year.  Thankfully, they are fine and were not in the blast zone at the time. 


Tlumacki also took pictures of this Boston terrorist, James (Whitey Bulger.) 

Fifth Degree: Mr. Bulger was played by Jack Nicholson in the 2006 movie, The Departed. 

I hope that whomever did this is getting the impression that it is NOT WISE to mess with the people of Boston, much less, slaughter one of their children, and mame and kill others.  As Jesus said, "It would have been better that man would never have been born."  To kill the innocent is to kill Christ.

Fourth Degree: Mark Wahlberg, one of Boston's own, daily communicant at mass, and one of the stars of The Departed.  Here he is with pop-star, Justin Beiber.


Third Degree: Justin Beiber and Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, and American President, Barak Obama.

Second Degree: President Obama sent his official good wishes to Pope Francis on his elevation to The Papacy.  Read that here.

Guess who elevated Bergoglio to cardinal?


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