Saturday, December 11, 2010

Commentaries and Tiger Woods

Photo by CNN
Tiger apologizing
This post is made up entirely of ideas.  There are NO points of actual contact.  Each contact simply expounds on the next contact.  The goal here is to help you in your journey through Advent.  It's a mini-Lent you know.

Fourth Degree: Tiger Woods
Tiger comments on his own behavior in this video.  He apologizes for repeated, opportunistic adultery over the course of their relationship.  It was objectifying of women and of himself.  The problem probably began with Tiger objectifying his wife.  In this season of Advent, it's a good time to reevaluate our marriages and look at one another with love instead of objectification.

Third Degree: Brit Hume
On an opinion segment on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume commented on Tiger Woods' spiritual life and family life by means of faith.  Here is Keith Olbermann and Dan Savage commenting and Brit's remarks.  It is very funny in spots and some great points are made.

Second Degree: Father Rober Barron comments on Jesus through the first chapter of Matthew.  Think of this as you enter the Christmas Holidays.

1 Degree: Jesus and Peter
We know that Jesus instituted the papacy through Peter.  Here He also addresses our topic at hand.  He tells a parable that encourages us to go to confession (a great idea during the Advent Season).  Then we have Peter telling Jesus that he's not worthy and is sinful.  Jesus calls him to be a fisher of men.

0 Degree: John Paul II
Before he was shot, before he was ill, before all the troubles in his papacy, but certainly not in his life, he came to the US.  Some thoughts from JP2 to help you begin the Advent season.

* please note that journeying toward John Paul is not always going "up".   John Paul was a sinner and imperfect like the rest of us.  As I noted in the title of the blog, we want to be 0 degrees from Christ.  That is the ultimate goal.  

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