Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beyonce Knowles

Zahi and Beyonce
3 Degrees
Knowles-Hawass-Bush-John Paul II

She's sexy and she can sing, but she's not the brightest scarab in the tomb according to Zahi Hawass.  Ms. Knowles traveled to Egypt and evidently she "doesn't understand anything she doesn't want to."  Dr. Hawass pawned her off onto an assistant in disgust.  "She just wants to take pictures," he said.

Beyonce's Arabic is non-existant, so she did not understand the constant jabs that Dr. Hawass was slamming her way.  According to the good doctor, she should not venture outside the US because "only Americans are willing to overlook how stupid she is."  OUCH!
To read the whole story click here.   and here too.

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