Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Margaret Sanger

4 Degrees

Margaret Sanger's life's work is at odds with that of Jesus Christ.  But I think it only fair that Ms Sanger be allowed to speak for herself.  Here is an interview with Mike Wallace from the early 1960s.

Take a moment now to jot down the reasons why you believe abortion should be legal.  Even if you are a Catholic in step with The Church, go ahead, write them down.  Fewer poor people, fewer people born into instability, economic power for women might be among your reasons.

I think that abortion is still legal because Christians have not really put their heart into the issue.  Some distinctly annoying and distasteful Christians scream and yell on sidewalks and put gruesome pictures of baby pieces on their front lawn.  Some Christians hold long discourse with pro-choice friends over glasses of Merlot and agree to disagree.  Most just leave the fight to someone else, their view on the topic an ambivalent mix of understanding and revulsion.

In this Freakanomics piece, we see how the explosion of abortion in the 1970s made for far fewer criminals in the 1990s.  
Back to Ms Sanger.  Did you know she was the darling of the KKK lecture circuit?

Guess who drank Ms Sanger's cool-aide?

Second degree Barack Obama is carrying on the Aryan crusade of Margaret Sanger.  I don't believe that President Obama is ultimately comfortable with his public support of abortion.  Father Robert Barron thinks so too.

So think about it, is racism, classism, or a dislike of children keeping you from actively opposing abortion?  What about guilt for having an abortion or fathering an aborted baby?  Statistics from Planned Parenthood and The National Organization for Women say that between 30-40% of American women have an abortion in her lifetime.  Sure, shame comes from sin and abortion is a sin, but there's a cure for that, CONFESSION! Just go to confession and get on with it.  Quit wasting your time sitting on the fence.

If you need help recovering emotionally and/or spiritually from abortion, contact Project Rachel.

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