Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

St. Susanna the
Deaconess Martyr
It's my name day!  St. Susanna the Deaconess was born into the Kingdom on December 15.  I'm giving myself a treat with this post.  I just love Rudolf and Burl Ives.  My father was very fond of these claymation specials from the 60s.  General Electric, the company my dad worked for for decades, was the sponsor of Rudolf.  I don't think the blatant electricity of his nose was an accident! 

4 Degrees
Fourth Degree: Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Third Degree: Burl Ives
Rudolf's film debut was with Burl Ives.  Burl played the snowman who narrates the Rudolf saga.  Part 1 of the first film is embedded above.  

Second Degree: Gary Cooper
Burl Ives appeared on "What's my line" August 7, 1955.  Gary Cooper was on the program October 18, 1959.  Here are the clips of their appearances.  

First Degree: Pope Pius XII
Gary Cooper converted to Catholicism well into adulthood.  For the story of his conversion and his encounter with Pope Pius XII, click here.  

Gary Cooper with Pope Pius XII (source: Janis, 79; photo credit: G. Felici)

Pius XII is on the road to sainthood.  He was made "venerable" by Benedict XVI.  For an article about his elevation to venerable, click here.  

1 Degree: Benedict (also) also elevated his predecessor, John Paul II.
Benedict at tomb of Pius XII
photo by Getty Images and AFP

Rudolf is all about light.  Children look to him for a light in the darkness of a winter's night.  We look to the saints for light when we are in darkness.  May you find the light you need to find your way this Christmas season.  

To read the origin of the Rudolf story, click here.  I warn you, you'll need tissues!