About this Blog

A Pope and a Cardinal with a beard white as snow.
One summer quite recent, by a cranberry bog,
many geeks got together to learn how to blog.
Yours truly was there, feeling much like a dope,
but you see I was answering a call from the Pope.

Catholic cyber geeks
Catholic drinkies and foodies, and pilots were there.
So were nuns and some monks and this guy with no hair.
Catholic mothers corralled heaps of kids with web pages, there were old ones and young ones, just geeks of all ages!
And around them, tying everything in a nice cyber-bow, Catholic round up and a Cardinal with a beard white as snow!

Nun blogger
In a group of new bloggers a basket was thrown.
"Make up an idea", the gauntlet was thrown.
Through the books and the pamphlets and props soon we pawed,
and I took John Paul's book with a smile and a nod.
A blog linked to him, full of whimsy and smiles,
would be my big project, approval flowed from the aisles.
Now people from miles get some info and chuckles,
and I pray that it helps give their Catholic armor some buckles.