Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Birds and the Bees

Some of you will be giving "the talk" at some point during the holidays.  I thought it would be a lovely Christmas gift to you to share these videos.  These arguments about the church teachings on sexuality are easy to understand, logical, said with humor, and timeless.  Fulton Sheen is one degree from the Pope.  His post was last November 13.

I love his approach.  Sheen doesn't even mention sex until the second talk.  It's great stuff.

Spice up your marital sex life!
Your children are watching you.  If you don't have the kind of sexual relationship that they would love to have, why would they wait for it?  Why put forth the effort to abstain now and get married?  No reason at all.  Don't know where to start?

Pope John Paul II has some thoughts for you.  There are 129 lectures that became "Theology of the Body."  These lectures are about 500 words each, and they teach how our physical bodies reveal God's nature to us.
Let's face it, men are microwave ovens and women are crock-pots.  Our warm up time is vastly different.  These lectures can really really help.  Read each one together as a couple and discuss them and live them.  As a woman I can tell you that these words
  • increase the time I spend with my partner in prayer
  • give words to him to express his love to me
  • make me feel loved by the church
  • when my husband agrees with them, I feel truly loved by him (crock pot gets turned up)
  • there are always new lectures to read
  • once you've read them all, the first ones could bear repeating
  • no porn, swinging, fetishes, kinks, or special equipment necessary
  • the improvement to desire and connection is lasting.  Instead of needing a constant increase in intensity, the love just feeds upon itself.
If you would like a shorter version, try reading Christopher West's book, Good News About Sex and Marriage.  Engaged couples can greatly benefit from Theology of the Body.  There are several publications of the lectures, and the Christopher West book is a great gift for an engaged couple.  

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