Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is a man after the Catholic heart.  He's Catholic in so many ways.
  • He's only had one wife
  • He is faithful to that wife
  • He treats his wife with dignity and respect
  • He has a great sense of humor.  Instead of being offended, he named a charity after the drinking game "6 Degrees"
  • He uses his influence to help the poor
  • Sean from Catholic Roundup
  • He doesn't bash religion with the roles he chooses to portray
2  Degrees of Separation
  1. Kevin gave a concert with his band, Bacon Bros.  Sean McGaughey of The Catholic Roundup heard his concert and really loves the band
  2. Michael Jackson
  3. Sean McGaughey went to a mega-mass given by John Paul II when he was on one of his United States visits
Another reconning
  1. Kevin Bacon did a Happy Birthday special for Elizabeth Taylor with Michael Jackson in 1997.
  2. Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II both appeared in the 2002 World Awards.
Kevin Bacon is not Jewish, but he married a Jewish lady.  Some may be under the impression that Christians hold Jewish people responsible for the death of the Messiah.  That would mean that He committed suicide.  JESUS WAS A JEW!!!
Kevin married Kyra, a Jewish lady
Fun Catholic Fact About Jews
Did you know that our Lord, Jesus Christ, is a Jew?  Antisemitism is a way of hating Jesus through his family.  Antisemitism in all its forms was repudiated by the Second Vatican Council.  If you hate Jews, the Pope is not pleased with you!  Get thee to a confessional!  

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