Monday, December 6, 2010

John Adams

This post was originally part of a series of presidents for the month of February, but it took a turn that made it appropriate for Pearl Harbor Day.  I strongly suggest you see all the videos from the BBC that begin with one toward the bottom of this post.  King Tut #3 is coming on the 8th.

John Adams
John Adams was President of the United States (POTUS) from 1797-1801.  Most think of him as the second president, but it depends on your reckoning.  He was the second president under the constitution of 1787, but #12 if you consider the country from the moment it became united.  This video is really interesting.

Fasten your seatbelt, this is a ride of 9 degrees that covers 5 presidents
and 2 Japanese emperors!

9th Degree: President John Adams (portrait above)
8th Degree: President John Quincy Adams,
author of The Monroe Doctrine

7th Degree: President James Monroe
The Monroe Doctrine stated that, while the United States will not interfere with nor
deny the legitimacy of any existing colonies of European nations in the Western Hemisphere,
it would see the formation of any new colonies or expansion of existing colonies as acts of
war against the United States and therefore require US retaliation.   

6th Degree: President Teddy Roosevelt
In 1905, Teddy Roosevelt modified the Monroe Doctrine.
In that same year he also encouraged Japan to expand onto the
Asian continent.  This was NOT his finest act.

5th Degree: Emperor Meiji Mutsuhito expanded Japan onto the Asian
continent, setting the course for WWII in Asia.

Fourth Degree: Emperor Showa Hirohito
invaded Manchuria in 1933, the first of his invasions that
lead to the Asian theater of WWII.

Third Degree: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
Declares war on Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Second Degree: President Harry S. Truman and Emperor Showa Hirohito
After the European side of WWII ended, as concentration camps were being liberated and other atrocities were coming to light, the Asian war burned hot with no end in sight.  President Harry Truman decided to drop the first atomic bombs on Japan.  Here is audio of him discussing this decision.  

This video is the gateway to an excellent BBC documentary about the bomb. 

1st Degree: Pope Pius XII
Harry Truman and his predecessor, FDR, exchanged letters with Pius XII.  

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