Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harding, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Obama

Many presidents have been mentioned in posts.  Here is a smattering of them.

Warren G. Harding
1 Degree
See the post on Albert Einstein to learn more.  Here is newsreel footage of his inaugural address.

Ronald W. Reagan
1 Degree 
Reagan is in the Charles Manson post.  He had a fabulous sense of humor.  Here are some of his jokes.

George H. W. Bush
1 Degree
Featured in the Lizzie Borden post, George H. W. Bush is just one degree away.  I think that many of us are regretting that this particular Bush was just one term.  Perhaps things would have been very different if H.W. had 2 terms and W., just the one.  If you have an hour, try checking out this feature of George Senior on PBS American Experience.  The next video is Dana Carvey doing George Bush.  The President enjoyed the impersonation.

Photo from Time Magazine

Barak H. Obama
2 Degrees
The first new president inaugurated after the death of John Paul II, President Obama got his own post.  In that post, I connected him in 3 degrees.  Look for the post on First Ladies on February 28th for footage of Obama and Benedict XV.

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