Wednesday, February 23, 2011

George W. Bush

1 Degree
George Bush presenting the Medal of Freedom to JPII
Not every president is a great favorite.  It's especially rare for a man to be universally loved and admired while he holds office.  Such is the case with George W. Bush for me.  While his doctrine of preemptive acts of war, suspending Habeas Corpus, and many other policies are distinctly not Catholic, his stance on abortion and euthanasia have been spot on.  As we ponder the presidency of George W. Bush and all the presidents this month, we see that there is no one party that embodies Christian morals and teachings.  There never will be such a party.  It is up to each individual Christian to determine where their vote should go and which party to support in which election.

George W's brother, Jeb, is a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus!  Here is George talking about Benedict XVI's visit to the United States in 2008.  

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