Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was an admirer and friend of Paul Robeson.
Robeson is 5 degrees from JP2, see the post on
"Chairman Mao," November 5, 2010
4 Degrees

Fourth Degree: Albert Einstein and Marie Curie took part in the First Solvay Congress in Brussels, 1911.  The theme of the congress was radiation and the quanta.
Einstein is second from the right
Madame Curie is seated with her head on her hand

Third Degree: Madame Curie was a guest of President Warren G. Harding in May of 1921.

Second Degree: President Warren G. Harding

Pope Benedict XV, in July 1921,  issued an encyclical which praised US President Warren G. Harding for his efforts in international disarmament.  Read the original New York Times story here.
Benedict XV

First Degree: Pope Benedict XV was pope #259

Pope John Paul II was pope #265

To learn more about the name "Benedict," the name of our current pope, click here. 

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