Saturday, September 4, 2010

Father Stephen McGraw

John Paul would have been proud
of Father McGraw

2 Degrees

Father Stephen McGraw
First Degree: Father Kevin Cook was a classmate of Steve McGraw in the seminary.  

Second Degree: Father Kevin met John Paul II

Father Stephen's September 11 Story

Just months into his priesthood, Father Stephen McGraw was on his way to a funeral at Arlington National Cemetary.  He took the wrong exit and found himself stuck in traffic by the Pentagon.  As his car crept along a deafening sound roared over his head.  It was American Airlines flight 77.  Moments later the Pentagon was an inferno.  The following story quotes witnesses to Father McGraw's bravery and love.
Father McGraw kneels (right) in prayer
and comfort on September 11, 2001

"He literally had the stole in one hand and a prayer book in the other and in one fluid motion crossed the guardrail," said Mark Faram, a reporter from the Navy Times who witnessed McGraw in the first moments after the crash.
Within 45 seconds, McGraw was on the lawn of the Pentagon to provide spiritual comfort to the injured.
For the DC Military story click here.
For more stories of priests and how they responded, click here.  
For an article about a priest in New York who died from debris and the push by firemen to his canonization click here.  
Did you know? There are people who deny the attacks of 9/11.  There are people who deny the Holocaust too.  These people are violating a commandment of God, "Thou shalt not bear false witness."  Let's make a search for Father Stephen McGraw bring up the truth and love of his priesthood.  Please do the following things,
Jesus is still maligned for doing what he did.  No matter how holy a person is, they will encounter persecution.  I'm so proud of the Orthodox and Catholic priests who ran toward the flames and the screams and tended the flock.  Where would we be without you?

The text of St. Matthew runs as follows:
One of the conspiracy theory blogs had a comment "how many priests do you know who would leave a job to tend to people in 9/11?"  The answer, ALL OF THEM.  Here is a video of another priest who ran toward the destruction.  The saint of 9/11.  

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  1. Hello Sue,
    I am a really behind blogger! (understatement!)anyway, I found your comment which you left on my unattended blog from like a year ago! So sorry ;-/ I just love Fr. McGraw.. I saw him a couple months ago..a truly wonderful, holy priest! I hope to see him again soon (he is my "spiritual father"). Thank you so much for standing up for him.. May God bless you!! Tanya Guthrie "A Pilgrim" (born in Turner Falls, MA..grandparents live in Worcester.. my dad in Auburn! ;) I'm in VA.