Friday, September 17, 2010

Charles Manson

Would you believe, a priest challenged me to connect Charles Manson to JP2? What is the world coming to.  Well, I did it in 3 degrees.  I'm sure it could have been fewer, but I liked the way I chose.  I didn't go through the Manson Family, a twisted, rich, and stoned set of ne'er-do-wells who would have undoubtedly known someone who knew JP2.  I went in through those who tried the case.

Not-so-fun Catholic Fact:  No matter how wonderful you are, you are going to witness terrible things in your life.  The death of a loved one, disasters, injustice, etc.  I'm noticing over and over (especially in researching these posts) that good Christians rise to the occasion and just do the right thing.  They may be surrounded by madness and evil, yet they man-up.  Don't neglect your prayer life.  Stay strong to meet the challenges when they occur.  

2 Degrees of Separation

Second Degree: Judge Charles "Chuck" Older  The original judge for the Manson trial had granted Manson permission to act as his own attorney.  Manson ran a muck of the courtroom with voider and that permission was retracted before the beginning of the trial.  Judge Older, a former WWII and Korean War ace, was the new judge who presided over the Manson trial.  To read the New York Times article on the life and 2006 death of Judge Older, click here.

First Degree: Ronald Reagan  Charles Older was appointed to the bench by then Governor, Ronald Reagan.  Mr. Reagan met the pope on several occasions.

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