Friday, January 28, 2011

Carrie Bradshaw

5 Degrees

Although I could have done this in fewer degrees, I got to the papacy through the Eastern Orthodox Church in .  The videos at the end are amazing.  What a way to end Greek month!  Enjoy!

Fifth Degree: Carrie Bradshaw
The iconic character from HBO's "Sex and the City" loves fashion.  So does Pope Benedict.  For that post click here.  
Fourth Degree: Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah played Carrie Bradshaw for years.  Here she is discussing that role on The View.
Carrie Bradshaw

Third Degree: George Stephanopoulos
Sarah Jessica Parker is married to Matthew Broderick, a Broadway star and movie actor.  The couple naturally live in the New York metropolitan area and go to very fancy parties with very fancy people.  Here they are with another power couple, the Stephanopouloses.
George Stephanopoulos, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ali Wentworth (Mrs. Stephanopoulos),
and Matthew Broderick
Second Degree: Robert George Stephanopoulos
Father Robert George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos is the son of an Orthodox priest.  The Reverend Doctor Robert George Stephanopoulos wrote a book about Archbiship Iakovos.  To read more about Father Stephanopoulos click here.

Second Degree: Archbishop Iakovos
Patriarch Athenagoras and Archbishop Iakovos

First Degree: Pope Paul VI
Archbishop Iakovos accompanied Patriarch Athenagoras to Rome to meet with Pope Paul VI when the two brother patriarchs lifted the excommunications that have separated the Orthodox and Catholic churches for over 1000 years.  read about Iakovos here  

The documentary below shows Iakovos with John Paul II.  What a wonderful man.
Iakovos or John Paul?
Yes!  Both!

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