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Bill Cosby

Fourth Degree, Bill Cosby was interviewed with New York restaurateur, Gianni Gavelli, by David Susskind in April of 1986.  Cosby is a legend of American comedy.  I cannot say enough about him.  Enjoy the video.

Third Degree, David Susskind interviewed Nikita Khrushchev on the ninth of October, 1960.  Interviewing the Soviet Premier was so controversial, that there was violent reaction to the interview even taking place.  Susskind's children were threatened by anti-Communist Americans.
David Susskind and Nikita Khrushchev
October 9, 1960
Time-Life invited figures, who had graced the cover of their magazine, to a summit luncheon in 1962.  Among the invitees were Premier Khrushchev and Pope John XXIII.  Other notable people invited were Pablo Picaso, John F. Kennedy, and Charles de Gaulle.  (Information obtained from the book,"John XXII: Pope of the Century" by Peter Hebblethwaite, Margaret Hebblethwaite)

Second Degree, Nikita Khrushchev invited Pope John to some event or meeting.  I am not sure what that event or meeting was.
It may have been the Time-Life luncheon, but it is probably mentioned somewhere between pages 220-242 in 
"John XXIII: Pope of the Century."  Whatever the case, The Holy Father felt obliged to respond to the Soviet 
Premiere.  He rejected the cold letter offered by his secretary of state, and penned this response to Khrushchev.

Cordial thanks for the courteous message and good wishes.  We return them from the heart in words that come 
from on high: Peace on earth to people of good will. 
We bring to your attention two Christmas documents from the year which call for the consolidation of a just
peace between peoples.
May the good Lord hear and respond to the ardour and sincerity of our efforts and prayers.  
Fiat pax in virtutue tua, et abundantia in turribus tuis. ["Peace within your walls, and security within your towers": 
Psalm 122.7]
Joyful good wishes for the prosperity of the Russian people and all the peoples of the world.
 (letter, p. 438) 
Second Vatican Council
First Degree, Pope John XXIII: opened the Second Vatican Council in 1962.  A council attended by Pope John Paul II.

Or you could just link Khrushchev to Fidel Castro.
Guy Love

There have been many times when I'm writing a post, that I go off on several different tangents.  One of these tangents leads back to John Paul II, and that is the one I publish.  But often, there are interesting story lines that aren't published.

Here's one.

Discovering David Susskind's interview videos was really fun.  I had heard Alan Sherman refer to him in his music, but never actually seen one.  Here is a line of connection that I may pursue at another time.  Hope you enjoy the video.  I sure did!

David Susskind interviewed President Harry Truman, mentioned in the John Adams post.  In this interview, President Truman confessed that Chopin's Opus 42 Waltz in A flat major was his favorite piece of music.
Let's listen to that marvelous piece of music, played by the best person to interpret Chopin's music, Sergei Rachmoninoff.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rachmoninoff first recorded for Edison Records, one of the earliest record labels.  Edison didn't care for Rachmoninoff's touch and referred to the pianist/composer as a "pounder."  Listen to a clip of one of those early Edison Diamond recordings.  Here, Rachmoninoff plays his Prelude, opus 3, number 2.

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