Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anne Geddes

4 Degrees
Foruth Degree: Anne Geddes, baby photographer extrordinaire,
 hosted a party in1985 at her home in San Francisco

Arianna Stassinopoulos and Michael Huffington met at
that party, they married soon after.

The two became a political power-couple and founded
The Huffington Post

Hob Knobbing with powerful people is a big part of what the Huffingtons
do.  Here Michael is next to First Degrees: Archbishop Methodios,
Archbishop Dimitrios, and Cardinal Sean O'Malley.  
Huffington is
the tallest in the photo, Methodios is to his left.

Will Cardinal O'Malley become Pope Patrick someday?  
Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Clergy blessing Pope John Paul II's coffin.  They begin by singing "Christos Anesti," (Christ is Risen), the Easter Hymn in Greek three times.  There is then Byzantine chanting.  The Eastern petition is much different than the Latin one.  You will recognize "Kyrie Eleison," (Lord have mercy).  The priest is praying for the repose of the soul of the pope and he is answered with "Lord have mercy." You can hear an Eastern bishop pray for John Paul, listen for "Ivano Pavli, Papa Romus".  He's praying in Greek.  When he breaks into song, it's in Arabic or Aramaic.  The Eastern hymn is sung three times in Greek again.

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