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1 Degree
JP2 looking fly in Bono's shades

Bono met John Paul II in the 2000 Jubilee year.  They had a wonderful rapport including the following exchange that Bono recalls.

"I said 'Holy father, do you want a pair of fly shades?' and he said 'yes' and he put them on and he made a face kind of like this."

Bono retained an affection for JP2 and a tribute to him is on the U2News site.

John Paul II wore modest clothing.  He continued the tradition set by Paul VI and John Paul I of not wearing the Papal tiara.
Papal Tiara, not worn in over 40 years
We have a Fashionisto in Pope Benedict XVI

Much has been written about  Benedict XVI's fashion sense.  He was named "The Best Accessorized Man of 2007" by Esquire Magazine.  Though he has continued to abstain from the tiara, Benedict still looks sharp and knows how to raid the papal closet.  Listen to the NPR story and check out some of The Holy Father's fantastic looks.  As mentioned in a previous post, he really could use concealer under the eyes, but he's not gone into the realm of metrosexual and shows no hints of doing so.  
This article is hysterical and enormously entertaining.  Read "Red Hot Papa"
No, he's not wearing Prada.  The papal clothes are custom made by other designers, read this Washington Post article.  
The shoes are custom made and free to the pope.
If you want a pair, they are 400 Euro

They're not Prada, but they
are made especially for the pope
and free of charge to him

He likes hats.  Here we have a jaunty
cap matched with a cassock.  I'm not
sure that it works, but he seems to
enjoy it.

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Father, if you're going with the fancy filligree cross
with emeralds, you need to wear the red hat.  The
straw hat goes with the plain cross.

This "Santa" cap has gotten lots of
attention.  Both it and the ermine-trimmed
cape were in his closet.  He wears them
for warmth during the Christmas season

He loves this hat and wears it all the time

Liturgical vestments should be beautiful.  The Pope is
standing in the place of Christ.  Remember the woman
with the expensive perfume.  She annointed Jesus' feet.
"This could have been sold to feed the poor," said JUDAS.  

The loving care with which his stole was embroidered strikes me.
Those who came before did this with love.  

Handmade lace, gold embroidery, silk, and jewels.  The only place
he can wear this is when he's serving Jesus Christ.  I think that's
just beautiful.  

Note the gorgeous emerald cross.  It's much
flashier than John Paul's look, but each pope
is different.  The New York Times article
linked above discusses the cross.
I asked a priest once about the pomp and the ceremony, does it ever go to the bishop's head?  He said...

The bishop is the donkey who carries Jesus Christ to the people, 
he would be a fool indeed if  he thought they were waving palm 
branches for him.  I think Benedict XVI does realize whose clothes
he's wearing.  Look to his actions and his words.  Don't be like Judas
and deny him nice things our of false humility!

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