Friday, January 7, 2011

Robert Louis Stevenson

A story in sumptuous pictures.
6 Degrees
Sixth Degree: Robert Lois Stevenson
The poet of my childhood.  His verse sent me and millions of children on a magical journey of texture in words.  I've always loved the poetry, but he is better known for his novels Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde.  
Fifth Degree: John Singer Sargent, painter
Sargent in his studio painting "Madame X"
Madame X's upper body (detail)

Sargent painting of Sargent painting
Fourth Degree: The Right Honorable Lord Russell of Killowen, Lord Chief Justice of England
The first Catholic to be a chief justice in Centuries!  Well done, Lord Russell.  
Portrait of Lord Russell by John Singer Sargent
Third Degree: George S. Batcheller
Lord Russell was a guest in the Saratoga home of George S. Batchellor around the turn of the 20th Century.  Perhaps you would like to be a guest there too.  It's been turned into an historic B&B.  
Batcheller B&B in Saratoga Springs, NY

Batcheller family tomb in Saratoga

Union Colonel George S. Batcheller
Second Degree: George S. Batcheller
We can give him many titles; Colonel in the Union Army, Judge for International Tribunal of Egypt, U.S. Minister to Portugal, and Assemblyman for the State of New York.  He also wrote the occasional article in the New York Times.  Here is the article he wrote about his meeting with....
First Degree: Pope Leo XIII
Pope Leo XIII was the Pope who gave St. Theresa "the little flower" permission to become a nun at the age of 15.  
Portrait of Pope Leo XIII
Dramatization of St. Theresa and Pope Leo XIII

St. Theresa of Liseaux, patron of those with
AIDS and florists

Guess Who named Theresa of Liseaux a Doctor of the Church?
Here he is with another Theresa, Mother Theresa took her
name from The Little Flower

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