Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Natalie Wood

For Christians on the old calendar, tomorrow is Christmas!  Let's examine a connection to John Paul of a Russian Orthodox little girl, Natalie Wood.
3 Degrees
Third Degree: Natalie Wood
She's the last in the Christmas series of posts because of her iconic role of Susan Walker in "Miracle on 34th Street."
In 1960, while making "Splendor in the Grass," Natalie met and dated Second Degree: Warren Beaty.  Mr. Beaty was fresh from Broadway, young, dewy, and really really really horny!  More about that later.  Here's the trailer for "Splendor in the Grass."

So, I mentioned Warren Beaty's sex drive.  Warren Beaty found "splendor" in many "grasses."  It's safe to say that anyone who's had sex is somewhere in Warren Beaty's sex web.  He has directly or indirectly screwed almost the entire planet!  Among those in his sex web are several first degreers like Queen Elizabeth II and John F. Kennedy. Warren Beatty's sex web is here.

Let's Talk About Sex:
As a general rule, the greater the gift that God gives us, the more chance of evil coming from the misuse of that gift.

It's easy to slam those who struggle with homosexual attraction or another sexual struggle that you may not have.  But what about "the players."  Promiscuity is a sin that tears at the hearts of both women and men.  With each relationship, the heart grows colder.  
Using another person for sex is a grave sin.  
When we make the following comments about celebrities, we are participating in the sin and setting a really crappy example for our kids.  I wrote the captions, so this is obviously a sin I need to address.
"Who can blame him, IT'S MARYLIN MONROE!"

"What a guy! He banged the prime women at their most beautiful!"

"I can't believe he was nailing those ugly girls when his wife
was so hot."
Respect is respect, regardless of how attractive, powerful, rich, or talented a person is.  All people deserve respect from their spouses. 

If you would like to calculate how many sexual partners you are "related" to, click here That site is put out by Lloyds Pharmacy, and it is humbling.  It's also a great tool for teaching teens about sex.  

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