Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fidel Castro, 2 reckonings

"They've been waiting for me to die for a
few decades now, Father.  It's not time yet."
1 Degree  
But that's boring.  Here's a 2 degree reckoning that is a little more interesting.  

2 Degrees

Ernst (Ernesto) Lechthaler has found excellence in bartending. 
  • He consults hotels and luxury hotel chains on bar design and bartending
  • He has invented drinks and done promotional photo spreads with top designers, including Versace
  • He's served the most influential and famous people in the world
  • He's written several books, including one on Cuban drinks.  Guess who he met while researching that book?
Lechthaler and Castro

Lechthaler presenting a sterling silver cocktail shaker to
John Paul II on behalf of International Barkeepers
see Lechthaler's site for the original photos
See the link to the blog Catholic Drinkie in the sidebar
Do you have any ideas for a drink "The JP2"?  Leave recipes in comments.  

A word on Catholic drinking: Drinking the blood of Christ is the highest sacrament there is.  Catholics love drinking.  Friars have brewed beer and wines for millenia.  Jesus turned water into really good wine.  You can even buy Frangelico in a bottle that's  dressed as a Franciscan.  

Drinking alcohol is not a sin.  Drinking and driving is a sin.  Drinking to get drunk is a sin.  Drinking to make your date more attractive is a sin.  

Fermentation and the beverages that are derived from fermentation are morally neutral.  They are a gift from God.  Like all heavenly gifts, they need to be treated with respect.  They are here to help us become closer to God and closer to one another in true friendship.  If drinking detracts from your life, it should not be enjoyed by you.  Not everyone can enjoy every gift from God.  

If drinking is negatively effecting your life, you are an alcoholic.  Alcoholics cannot drink.  Click here for a really good podcast about alcoholism, its definition and treatment.

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