Friday, November 12, 2010

C3PO and R2D2

2 Degrees

Second Degree: C3PO and R2D2
The lovable androids from Star Wars have a priestly friend.  The three hooked up at a science fiction convention.

First Degree: Father Roderick Von Hogen
A great fan of pop culture and all things science fiction, Father Roderick was blessed to meet Pope John Paul II on many occasions.  This is Father Roderick's homepage.

Fun Catholic Fact:
Enjoying science fiction and fantasy literature is Kosher for Catholics.  Our faith has survived many things, wars, persecution, Nero, the Borgias...certainly Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Luke Skywalker, and Robert Langdon can't kill it.  These (in the second list) are fictional characters and therefore are morally neutral.  

Problems begin when people don't know where the fiction and non-fiction in stories meet.  
Children should not be anxiously awaiting their 11th birthdays to see if their Hogwarts letter arrives.  But they can listen to The Secrets of Harry Potter podcast, a Catholic show that celebrates all things HP.  

Children with a diagnosis of ADHD should not honestly believe that their "real" fathers are horny gods who used and left their mothers. But it can be amazingly cathartic for these children to read the Percy  Jackson books.  

Catholics should not believe that Jesus Christ had children by Mary Magdelene, knowing that he would not be able to raise those children and be with Mary.  But they can read and enjoy The Da Vinci code and realize that they have not been looking at religious art closely enough.  When I read the book, I began to read up on art history more.  To learn about the Catholic perspective on these Dan Brown books, head over to The Secrets of Angels and Demons podcast.  

There is a reason that the Church treats tradition with such respect.  It keeps us grounded and away from heresy.  Those who don't know their faith well cannot distinguish fact from fiction in literature, movies, and theater.  Those who DO know their faith well can enjoy all media as entertainment, including historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.

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