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House in Betty's Neck on
 Lake Assawompset

Massasoit had many children, but has few descendants.  His sons tended to die fighting the English, and his daughters married Wampanoag or men from nearby tribes who died fighting the English.  I kept hitting dead ends as I pursued Massasoit's blood lines.  I managed to find his last surviving granddaughters (many generations down the line,) living on Betty's Neck road in Lakeville, Massachusetts.  These women died in the late 1800s and their home is NOT  a museum.  It abuts a development of McMansions.  

Wamsutta James
A member of Massasoit's tribe, the Wampanoag, was invited to speak at the annual Massachusetts chapter of Mayflower Descendants' annual Thanksgiving reenactment in Plymouth.  After the Descendants read the speech, they withdrew their invitation.  To read Wamsutta James' speech, click here.  

The last known
descendants of
Canadian Trappers brought disease that
decimated Massasoit's people
In the 1610's, French Canadian trappers brought a host of microbes to the Indians of current day Massachusetts.  As a result, thousands died.  Estimates of the deaths range from 30-95% of the population.  Bacteria were not to be discovered for another 50 years.  The concept of infection control was 150 years away.  Massasoit and the families of the dead thought that the white man had unleashed some sort of evil force on them.  It's not surprising that Massasoit sent Samoset to declare peace to the white men as they arrived.  

He didn't want his people to be annihilated by another round of disease

The rest of the story in 7 degrees will be told in pictures.  Please excuse the twist I published.  After all the depressing research about Massasoit's family, disease, oppression, and plague, I needed a smile.  

7 Degrees

King of Wampanoags

Massasoit made peace with John Carver, John Bradford, Myles Standish
and other pilgrims against the Narragansett and for mutual protection.
Guess who is descended from John Bradford?

This is Natasha, she posed in Heff's magazine.  Natasha married the grandson of......
The Shah of Iran, who met.....
Ted Kennedy in 1975.  Mr Kennedy wrote a letter to....

Benedict XVI.  The pope sent a message back to Kennedy's
family.  Read the correspondences here.  

Massasoit to John Bradford to Hugh Heffner to Natasha to Shah to Kennedy to Pope to Pope
Did you know?  It's never too late for confession and reconciliation.  

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