Friday, November 19, 2010

Captain John Smith

John Smith was dreamy!
My husband challenged me to write the last two posts in November, John Smith (of Pilgrim fame), and Massasoit.  I hope you are edified by these posts.  I certainly learned much more about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims than I did before.  Not all of what I have learned is good news, but I'll share it all with you.

Fifth Degree: John Smith

"You're so well-developed for a 10 year old"
John Smith landed on the Massachusetts coast in 1615 with a group of human petri dishes.  The incubators wasted no time in spreading disease among the Native Americans, and the Wampanoags, Massasoit's tribe, lost 30-90% (probably closer to 90%) of their population in a matter of months.

Fourth Degree: Pocahontas 
Just a few years earlier, a 10-year-old Pocahontas saved the sweet tush of Captain John Smith.  If the two were lovers at that time it would be VERY, VERY GROSS.   Evidently, Disney Studios were under the impression that Native Americans shot their kids full of steroids to induce early puberty, but that's another post.

While Captain Smith was gallavanting on Martha's Vineyard, Pocahontas was falling for, and marrying John Rolfe.  It was THAT union that lead to peace between her father and the pilgrims (Jamestown, VA.)

Third Degree: King James and Queen Anne
Pocahontas traveled to England with her new husband (married in 1614), and met King James and Queen Anne.  She was the toast of English society and enjoyed sniffing the Queen's lace and reading the king's nifty new bible.

Second Degree: King James II
A few kings later, King James II ascended to the throne.  
King James II
James II was a genuflecting, ring-kissing, relic-lovin' Catholic!  
Pope Alexander VIII
He was the last Catholic monarch of England.  Having abdicated his throne in 1688, he urged the pope's support in a letter in 1689.  Read the letter by clicking here.  

Fiurst Degree: Pope Alexander VIII
This blog treats bloodlines as a single degree.  Since (most) of the popes did not have a papal lineage, I'm considering them as one royal lineage from St. Peter.  Alexander was Pope #242, John Paul II was 265.

Did you know?
John Paul II
Pope #265
Peter was the first pope, and there has been an uninterrupted line of successive popes ever since.  This line of leaders was not planted by "Pastor Bob" or a rogue monk.  Jesus Christ Himself started the Catholic Church.  The Roman Catholics and Orthodox Catholics are the ONLY church (singular form intentional) with such an unbroken apostolic succession.  When choosing a denomination, why not conform to His church instead of trying to find a church that conforms to your views.

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