Monday, November 15, 2010

The Starship "Enterprise"

Sixth Degree: The Starship Enterprise

Fifth Degree: George Takei

Fourth Degree: Clint McCance
Mr. McCance's apology on Anderson Cooper's show is here.

Third Degree: Anderson Cooper
Is Anderson Cooper gay?
Delving into such a question is itself sin.  His struggles are his problem, your
struggles are your problem.  In this age of 24 hour gossip, it's tough not to wonder.
Second Degree: John Stewart
Stewart has interviewed many first-degreers.

Are Homosexual Persons Damned?
Being gay is morally neutral.  So is being alcoholic, being diabetic, and being heterosexual.  The sins we struggle with don't make us sinful unless we DO them.  Being gay isn't a sin, but having sex with people of the same sex is.  Being an alcoholic is not a sin, but getting drunk is.  Being diabetic is not a sin, but abusing food and your body is.  Being heterosexual is not a sin but rape, adultery, abortion, fornication, and pornography ARE!  Listen to Father Larry Richards discuss this topic.

If you hate homosexual persons, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.  You cannot be the arms of Christ, the hands of Christ, and the mind of Christ with a homosexual person if you harbor hate to them.  The hate will kill your soul, not theirs.  If you really want to help others, learn to love all people.

Discuss with your spiritual father, spouse, friends, etc.  Go to confession.  Pray, read scriptures and repeat.
Unless you forgive, you are damned!

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