Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Michele Bachman

Michele Bachmann is making headlines because she is a Tea Party candidate for the 2012 election.  It's highly improbable that a Republican can defeat Obama and Michele's threat to the president's job is beyond unlikely.  It's impossible.  That having been said, let's have some fun.
Please, don't let someone who is so misinformed or disinterested in facts become a nominee.  Please, if you are Republican, push for a qualified candidate.
7 Degrees
Michele, the history L'Enfant terrible, the only woman who could make Sarah Palin look like the president of Mensa, is married to "Dr." Marcus Bachmann.

Separated at birth are Marcus (methinks the "gentleman" doth protest too much) Bachmann and Chastity (Chas) Bono.

Chas is the offspring of Sonny and Cher.

Cher appeared on Sex and the City alongside 4th degree, Sarah Jessica Parker.

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