Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert is only two degrees from John Paul II as evidenced by the following photos.

Rupert Murdoch and Second Degree, Tony Blaire, check out the clenched smile
of the Prime Minister

A much more relaxed Tony Blaire

Murdoch on left and his wife in red next to President George W Bush.
Mr. Murdoch runs the most prolific media empire in the world, but he's an absolute idiot.  Well, he claims to be an idiot.  In his "humble" testimony before British Parliament, he claimed not to know about his most successful newspaper's journalists tapping the phones of politicians and celebrities.  
Prince Charles was tapped by Murdoch's
organization.  Charles is shown here with
Pope John Paul II
This guy was also tapped by Murdoch's minions.
But it's the suicides and inhuman cruelty that surrounded News of the World that we'll remember.  When a reporter hacked into a phone system and deleted messages so that more calls to a dead kidnapping victim could be recorded, Murdoch's organization was finally caught.  After years of treachery, he's been caught.  Only now, he's turned into Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes.  

Embodying evil?
Bearing false witness, it's considered a lightweight commandment by many, but it's actually one of the biggies.  We lie routinely, we gossip for entertainment, we think nothing of it.  But as we've seen in these past few posts, lying destroys the work of the good and facilitates the work of The Evil One.  To falsely accuse a priest of abuse means that children are less safe and a good man is ruined.  To cook up stories about people for ratings or paper sales drives the subjects of stories to despair and rips lives apart.

I remember learning that gossip was considered a sin when I was in High School.  I decided to cut it out of my life and didn't talk for over  a week!  Before that, you could never shut me up.  I'll never forget how amazed I was that all my vocal impulses were gossip.  I was ashamed.  Try it, you might be surprised too.

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