Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pope John Paul I

The following is a transcript that I wrote of the last General Audience that John Paul I held on September 27, 1978.  He died the next day.  I wrote this with the help of my husband and the official transcript of the General Audience that is available from the Vatican.  Find that official transcript here.  The pope's accent is REALLY thick, and I don't think the microphone is all that hot, but I did my best.  I've underlined sections that I just could not figure out.  If you hear something different, please post in comments.

Dear Sons and Daughters,

Your presence is a great joy for me, because I love you all very much. And it is about love that I want to speak to you today.

For Pope John, love was the first lamp of holiness.  From our mothers we all learn the prayer that goes more or less like this.
O my God, I love you with all my heart, above everything else.  
I love my neighbor as myself, for love of you.  
I forgive all those who have offended me, for love.  
Make me love you evermore.

The words of this prayer help us to understand love.

Love is like a journey which we run towards the object of love.  To love God is a wonderful journey.
But sometimes, what He want is sacrifice. We cannot embrace christ on the cross without being hacked by a thorn.

With all my heart, these words mean that God is too great for us to throw him only the crumbs of our love.  It is here that all are called.  And we must love God above all else.  Love for God prevails, but it is not exclusive.  There is also love for neighbor.  These two loves are twins in the Godhead.

Jesus spoke about the importance of loving our neighbors when sent.  I was hungry, and your gave me food.  Before ?///// reminded us that there are all the peoples that are hungry and waiting for undetermined love.

Private property is not an absolute right, and the arms race is a scandal! In these things we see it is as leaders and peoples you still have not fulfilled the command of Jesus, to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Christ tells us also how important is this, to forgive.  He seems to give forgiveness priority even other words finding because love is a journey  we must not stop.  Our Heavenly Father wants us perfect like Himself.  God want us to make progress in love.

With my Apostolic blessing
September 1978
The new pope meets the man who will hold his position in a month.
John Paul I and John Paul II

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