Friday, September 10, 2010

Asia Cottom

I’m a native New Yorker.  9/11 raped the skyline of my favorite city.  I didn’t lose anyone personally in the disaster, “Luckily” they all missed their alarm, missed the train, were out on assignment, or otherwise delayed that morning.  It seems as though God did His best to get all those away that He could manage.  He didn’t choose to save the best people, just the most people. 

We are all sinners and every gift is all Grace.  Those who survived just survived, those who perished just perished.  

There is no reason or higher purpose for their deaths unless there had been a higher purpose for their lives.  

Little Asia Cottom had purpose to her life.  This purpose lives on, even a decade after her death.  

3 Degrees

11-year-old  Asia Cottom was one of three Middle School scholars on their way to study marine biology for 4 days in California.  These exceptional children earned scholarships from The National Geographic Society to do the research, then return home to write about their findings.  They and the three teachers who accompanied them, perished in the 9/11 Pentagon crash.

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  • To visit Asia's charity and memorial website click here.  
  • To read about "The Littlest Victims largely overlooked" click here. 
Paula Spruill
Third Degree: Paula Spruill A scholarship was established by Asia's family to help other young people realize their dreams.  Paula Spruill, a former tutor of Asia,  received an Asia Cottom scholarship.  Ms Spruill earned her bachelors degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2006.  She earned a law degree from Franklin Pierce Law School in 2009.  To read Ms Spruill's graduate CV click here.  
Judge Baker

Second Degree: Judge James Baker was the commencement speaker at Ms Spruill's graduation in 2009.  Baker served President Clinton for 4 years as special council.  He now serves on the military court of appeals.  

First Degree: President Clinton met John Paul on several occasions.  

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