Thursday, August 26, 2010

Howard Stern

2 Degrees

Degree 2: Howard Stern
Shock-Jock Howard Stern has friends in high places.  Very high places.  He fell from terrestrial broadcast media and landed up, in the world of satalite radio.  Though many Catholics would not even consider listening to his program, many more bought XM Satalite radio to follow him when he left regular broadcast radio.  Now, uncensored, he can be heard on XM 100.

Degree 1: Lino Rulli
Most of Lino's fans stumbled across the Catholic Channel, XM 117 and Sirius 159 by first listening to Howard Stern.  Lino stumbled across Howard Stern because they are studio neighbors in the XM building.  When Lino first began at XM he was alone in the city.  "It was the Howard Stern folks who invited me for Thanksgiving dinner.  Not one of my Catholic comrads did so."  Howard was given a rosary that was blessed by John Paul II, does that mean that he has been directly blessed by the Holy Father?  The rosary touched Stern so much that he mentioned it on his show for a week after receiving it.  How many of us would do the same?  Could Howard Stern be one degree removed?

I'll keep the official reckoning to 2 degrees and leave it at that.

Lino is unashamed of his friendship with Stern.  He will not deny his friend, even in the face of "Catholic Taliban" emails.  (Catholic Taliban refers to those suffering scrupulosity, religiosity, and a lack of humor, the Catholic version of Dana Carvey's "Church Lady")
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Lino met John Paul II.
Lino with JP2 and out and about in Rome

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