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Edith Shain: The Kiss in Times Square Nurse

The Eisenstaedt photo
August 14, 1945
Edith Shain and Glenn McDuffie kissed on August 14, 1945 in Times Square. This iconic photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt makes me happy each time I see it.  A random GI kissing a random nurse in Times Square upon hearing that the war was finally over!

The identities of the kissers was a mystery for over 50 years.  Not wanting to be seen as a flusey,  Edith Shain did not come forward.  As an elderly lady she figured, what the heck!

5 Degrees
Julius Axelrod
Edith in the 21st century
Fifth Degree: Julius Axelrod:  Edith was a nurse at Doctors Hospital, now Presbyterian Hospital, when she heard about the end of the war.  When she was a medical student at NYU in the late 30s/early 40s, so was 1970 Nobel Laureate Julius Axelrod.  

Fourth Degree, Norman Borlaug:  Julius Axelrod, with colleagues Bernard Katz and Ulf von Euler, won the Nobel Prize for their study of  neurotransmitters. Dr. Axelrod received his prize in Medicine in the same 1970 ceremony that Norman Borlaug won the prize for Peace.

Dr. Borlaug receiving the Congressional Gold Medal
Third Degree, Nancy Pelosi:  Dr. Borlaug discovered ways to yield more wheat per acre.  His work was seen as an embodiment of the ideals of Nobel by "benefiting humanity."  To read the award ceremony speech for Dr. Borlaug click here.  Dr. Borlaug's work didn't stop with this work.  He went on to head  the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) under the auspices of the Ford Foundation, The Rockerfeller Foundation, and the Mexican Government.  His work with the CIMMYT earned him the Congressional Gold Medal.  He received the medal during the Bush administration, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House.

You do realize, Nancy, that by kissing my hand you
are submitting to my authority?
  Second Degree, The Pope:  Madame Speaker was summoned to The Vatican in February of 2009 by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.  The audience was requested when Speaker Pelosi stated that she was a "good Catholic" in spite of her party stance on life issue, including abortion.  While no transcripts of the 15 minute meeting were released, both parties released statements to the press. Pelosi's rendition is of a formal and friendly greeting.  The Vatican's statement is about life issues and the importance of leaders to stand for justice.  Read the Fox story here.  Read the CBS story of the visit here.  

First Degree: Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) was a friend and confidant of John Paul II.  The two were very good friends.  It's so unfortunate that Benedict is plagued with dark circles under his eyes and a surname that begins with "rat."  The combination of these characteristics have made for many nasty photoshop opportunities, but he's a very holy man.  Check out the photo of him with Nancy Pelosi.  Yeah, he's got dark circles like Natasha's Boris, but there is a warmth, light, and sweetness radiating from him.  When you see the parody pix, close the page. 

Don't make statements of doctrine
unless they are correct, Nancy
Bishop Tobin vs Patrick Kennedy
The bishop won

Did you know? The Catholic Church reserves public contact with politicians to State events and matters of heresy.  While Nancy Pelosi had been on the wrong side of life issues for many years, she was only called out publicly when she said she could do so and still be a "good, practicing, Catholic."  

A similar Episcopal reprimand was given to Patrick Kennedy by Bishop Tobin in 2009.  Read the story here.  

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