Sunday, November 27, 2011

Penn State Football: Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice's sake

Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, and the Cover-up

The Thanksgiving football were on and I just couldn't help but look at all the "manly" and "masculine" men with the Motorola headsets and the men with very tight pants who are probably hopped up on testosterone and think, wow, which ones are raping boys when they think nobody is looking?  It's the same way the world is looking at priests since the abuse scandal broke almost ten years ago.

Human beings want to find order and predictability in their world.  If they hear about a scandal like this, they want to find ways that this would be impossible in their own sphere of influence.

In Massachusetts, at a basketball camp, some older students put "bodily fluids" on an oreo and forced a younger student to eat the oreo as part of a "hazing ritual."  Here is a link to the news video.  Here is an incident in Idaho of sexual hazing in sports.  Is it any wonder that Jerry Sandusky was able to sodomize children for decades and not be caught?  Let me rephrase, he was caught, he was not reported and the behavior was not considered unusual enough to consult the police or to EVEN STOP IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

The sheer masculinity of American football's image makes the rape of boys by a famous coach very shocking.  Isn't masculinity defined by protecting women and children, by honor and dignity, and by truth and justice?  No!  Christian masculinity is all those things.  Relativist masculinity is power, might, use of others for sex, sexual conquest, porn, and fame. Jerry Sandusky had all these things.  Let's learn more.

Before his discovery as a child rapist, he was interviewed about his project to "help" underprivileged children, The  .

Here is the interview with on the NBC show "Rock Center."  Note a few glaring tells of lying.
  • repeating the question and otherwise delaying an answer
  • evasive answers, hesitation
  • "I have hugged them.. I have touched their legs." Attempts to minimize the damage.
  • lack of affect.  Mr. Sandusky is being accused of horrendous offenses and is cool and unphased by this.  The ONLY way he could be unsurprised or unoffended by these allegations is if he had thought about them before.
So, is Jerry Sandusky innocent? Not likely.  If you would like more information on liespotting, check out the post, "blessed are the clean of heart."  Will football be tainted by this scandal for the foreseeable future?  Yes.   Will innocent men be looked at with hatred and suspicion?  Probably.   Is this a natural consequence of sin?  Yes!

Jerry Sandusky is not someone who is persecuted for justice's sake.  All the other coaches who are not guilty, but must forever change the way they are around kids are making those changes "for justice's sake."  I hope public outrage does not wane before those changes are made.

3 Degrees 
Sandusky outraged The Devil who tempted Jesus Christ, the boss of Blessed John Paul II.  

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