Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steve Jobs, Blessed are those who mourn

As I write this post, Steve Jobs has recently died.  By all accounts, he is an acceptional human being.  He is missed and he is an example of good corporate leadership and inspiration.  Jobs saw death as a great gift for a well-lived life.  Perhaps without death we cannot truly know joy.

Those who die a good death give us the love and the tools to live our life well.  Please take this day and listen and enjoy those who surround you.  The joys you experience with them today are the comfort they give you and the comfort you give them.

In this hysterical satire we link two degrees to John Paul II.  Embedding has been disabled, so please take 4 minutes to click and enjoy.  Fantastic!  Humor is often a great comfort to those who are mourning.

3 Degrees
Steve Jobs to MadTv to George Bush to Pope John Paul II

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