Monday, June 13, 2011

Robert Young

4 Degrees
Born to an Irish immigrant father, one can only assume that Robert Young, the "father who knew best", was Catholic.  Here he is in a clip from the series that made him famous, Father Knows Best.

He began his career in silent films, doing bit parts.  One of his first talkies was in the Charlie Chan film,  "Black Camel."

Third degree, James Brolin starred with Young in the 1970s series, Marcus Welby MD.

James Brohlin as Ronald Reagan
Brolin played Ronald Reagan in the TV adaptation of the book, The Reagans, by second degree, Anne Edwards.  I was unable to find video of that TV movie, but I do have a link to the author discussing her book on CSPAN.   Read the book by clicking here.
First Degree, Ronald Reagan is a paternal figure for many Americans.  He was a fine president and, by all accounts, a great person with an impressive intellect.  He had a warm and wise way about him, the kind of manner we wish all our grandfathers possessed.

Two fathers sharing thoughts
The Reagans and Blessed John Paul II in The Vatican
A sense of humor in Reagan
A sense of humor in John Paul 

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