Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil and his wife
icons of self-help
Dr. Phillip McGraw is a PhD holding self-help guru who is extremely popular.  Here he is counseling youngsters.   He's being a father to these "brats".  He's gentle and calm but consistent and firm.

Dr. Phil with 5th Degree Nadia Suleman
on this show, Dr. Phil confronted Suleman
with the moral issues of IVF
People either love or hate Dr. Phil.  I have a personal liking for the guy, but my husband can't stand watching his show.  I like how he tells people truths that they need to hear in order to be better and more tolerable people.  He helps people become the people they really want to be.  Unfortunately, Dr. Phil serves the roll of confessor for the guests on his show.  Human beings have a need for confession, counsel, redemption, and a fresh start.  The only place to get this is in the sacrament of confession, but millions turn to people like Dr. Phil instead.  While Dr. Phil can give excellent confession, counsel, and a fresh start, he cannot give redemption.  Only Christ can do that.

It is my fervent prayer that people will discover the joy of confession.  Hey, let's start with those who are practicing Catholics.  If you haven't been to confession in a while, GO.  It's amazing how a tongue-tied, awkward priests can become eloquent and give the true words of Jesus to a penitent.  HE really works through priests.  Come home to the forgiving arms of Jesus.  Go to confession this week!

3 Degrees

Dr. Phil and his wife Robin were on Robert Schuller's Hour of Power.
Second Degree, Dr. Robert Schuller is a member of The Reformed Church in America.  It is the oldest Protestant denomination in the United States.  Dr. Schuller always seemed like a denomination unto himself.  He doesn't sound like a Calvinist, does he?

First Degree, Billy Graham has appeared on The Hour of Power several times.  Here is one where he espouses the same sentiment as Schuller.  They speak as pastors for a Universal Church.  Are they reletivists?  Unitarians at heart?  Or is this Christian love?
Pope John Paul II and Billy Graham in 1981

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