Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Name that Bishop

Since our bishops are called "fathers" and it's the month of fathers, let's have a quiz, Name that Bishop!  These men are all bishops in North America.  This is a first on the blog.  Let's see how you respond.

Note: The quotes below are made up by me, not the Bishops.  They are therefore NOT subject to point awarding for Fantasy Bishball.

Scoring:  (1 correct) You keep abreast of what's going on in our culture at least knowing the most influential bishop in your area of the country.
(2-4 correct) You probably are trying to be a practicing Catholic, go to confession a few times a year, mass each Sunday.  Great job!
(5-8 correct) You either play Fantasy Bishball or you are really into apologetics.  You might want to get out more, see a movie, maybe loosen up.
(9-10 correct) You are a bishop.  I hope you enjoyed the quiz, Your Excellency!

Answer location at the end of the post!

"I'm the most famous bishop in America.  I'm jolly but shrewd.  I was featured on 60 Minutes a few months ago.  Who am I?"

"If a pro-choice politician tried to receive communion from me, I'd kick him a mile high!  I'm also wise to the Atheistic message of Philip Pullman's Golden Compass movie.  Some of my seminarians do the podcast, Catholic Stuff You Should Know.  Who am I?" 

"I got quite a bit of flack over Christmas when I ended a hospital's 115 year affiliation as a Catholic Hospital because investigation showed that it performed abortions.  I did the investigating myself and am very saddened that I had to officially excommunicate the abortionist.  Who am I?"

"I bet you thought that Catholics tended to be white.  Well, did you know that a very black Cardinal was short-listed for pope at the last election.  It's true, millions of Catholics are black, and that's just in the United States!  I should know, I'm chairman of the USCCB's Committee on African-American Catholics."

"I was head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops when the sex abuse scandal escalated.  Under my leadership, we drafted and implemented the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. It was tough, but we'll make it through as a family.  Who am I?"

"I have the most diverse Catholic flock on the United States.  I'm lactose intollerant and praise God that tequila is not a dairy product.  My initial degree was in business, so I never shy away from financial issues.  I live in a sunny state, but love the Green Bay Packers.  Who am I?"

"I had a word with Patrick Kennedy when he professed untruths about Catholicism and Catholic life.  I'm very adamant in defense of marriage as it has always been defined in The Catholic Church.  I don't care who I have to stand up to for Christ, I say what needs saying and I say it with firmness and love.  Who am I?"

"I've served in the Roman Curia, I've battled cancer, and yet I have the strength to encourage my diocese to accept Pope John Paul II's initiative for new media.  I have worked with my Mormon brothers and sisters on issues we both support.  Together we stand against pornography, poverty, and for marriage.  Who am I?"

"I'm American, but not from the United States.  After Vatican II, I became a frequent contributer to Communio, a theological journal.  I have spent my career as Archbishop fighting the relativism that plagues our society.  While I'm a Bishop Emeritus, I've only been so less than a year.  I still write for and defend the faith in English and French.  Who am I?"

"When I took my vows I thought I'd be a quiet monk serving in a poor village in Africa at this stage of my life. Instead I'm known as 'The Blogging Cardinal' and the Vatican sends me all over the world to help heal the wounds of clergy sexual abuse.  I just got back from Rome where I served at the Beatification of Blessed John Paul II.  That was a great joy for me.  Who am I?"

  Good luck!

Answers are in the comments on the Archbishop Fulton Sheen post.  Peek if you must.

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