Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Uncreated Light, Blessed are the poor in spirit

Moses and The Burning Bush
This post begins a series that I'm dedicating to Jesus' Beatitudes.  The first offering in this series is The Uncreated Light.  This miracle is an annual event that announces the Risen Christ EVERY EASTER!   This unconsuming flame has appeared without ceasing every year to encourage the faithful that The Trinity has not abandoned them in this valley of tears.  Both Eastern and Western traditions incorporate new flame and the lighting of candles in a darkened church to commemorate and celebrate this beloved Kiss From God that he bestows on his bride's expectant face each Pascha (Easter).

Iconography of The Transfiguration always
has this stylized light.  Could this painting be
more realistic than previously thought?
The Uncreated Light, the Flame that Does Not Consume, the Bright Light that blinded the apostles on Mount Tabor and appeared above their heads at Pentacost, is a sure sign of God's Love.

Friends, it is only from The Crucifixion that we have The Resurrection.  It is only through becoming lost that we are found.  It is only by losing our life that we gain life eternal.  The Uncreated Light of God that we see on earth each Pascha (Easter) is a glimpse of Heaven.  Note that most people who are surrounded by the flame are completely unaware of its presence.  We all ignore blessings and squander opportunities to encounter the divine.  God is continually forgiving us these oversights (but we should still confess them.)  We should never lose hope but know that God will continue to reach out to us without fail, even as we take our last breath.  Enjoy these films.

2 Degrees
Holy Fire to Apostles to Pope John Paul II
Holy Fire to Moses to Jesus to Saint Peter to Pope John Paul II

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