Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica
We've talked about Our Blessed Mother, Mother Theresa, and now a fiesty American girl, Mother Angleica!

Mother Angelica was a televangelist before there was such a thing.  She never fell into scandal or greed, she just loved people and tried to save souls.  Her Eternal Word Television Netowrk (EWTN) is still going strong.  She's in frail health now, and we wish her well.  I have a feeling that, when she does meet Jesus, she'll be the patron saint of new media.  I don't know any Catholic who doesn't swell with pride and love when thinking of Mother Angelica.

Here is Mother talking about Lent and the mortification of the flesh.  Go Mother!

1 Degree

First Degree: Pope Benedict honored Mother Angelica with the Papal Cross of Honor recently.  See a picture of Mother Angelica with Pope John Paul II in this news story.

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