Friday, May 20, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Governator the year he was expecting
at least two children, one  with his wife.
The Governator is in the news, but don't let this glitzy, flash-in-the-pan, titillating story distract you from the real meat of the issue.  We'll examine the real tragedy of the Schwarzenegger situation and connect Arnold to Blessed John Paul II simultaneously.

News broke this week that the first couple of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver were separating because of a recent disclosure of a "love child" conceived by a housemaid by Mr. Schwarzenegger in the mid-90s.  
The legal members of the Schwarzenegger family
The Schwarzenegger family, the Kennedy family, and the family(s) of extra-marital children fathered by Arnold are all experiencing shame, pain, and stress.  Why?  Because the great joys and pleasures of sex were treated as entitlements, not blessings, by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Instead of praising God for his beautiful family, he praised himself for his fame, power, and magnetism.  Babies are made by sex.  We keep forgetting that in our culture.  Here's a reminder!

When sex is taken out of the context of the spousal relationship, it's not only hurtful, it's tough to comprehend. Even in this College Humor piece, babies and sex cannot be separated from one another, even when discussing group sex!

Arnold and Maria married in 1986 when they were all
dewy and cute and gorgeous.  They married in a church, but
I don't know if theirs was a sacramental marriage.
Perhaps a future tribunal will try to assess this relationship.
Were they open to life from the beginning?
Did they both intend a faithful union from the beginning?
Did they withhold information from one another  at the beginning?
Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a mockery of fidelity.
If he's so disrespectful of his church's teaching on that,
why should he uphold another teaching that marriage
is between one man and one woman?
Answer:  No reason at all.  As a result, article after article
are attacking the former Governor's policy against same-sex unions.
On many levels, Arnold's actions have weakened the very idea of marriage.
Second Degree Eunice Shriver and her husband, Sargent Shriver
at the wedding of Arnold and Maria Schwarzenegger in 1986.  Photo
in the New York Times.
As she lay dying, Pope Benedict XVI prayed for Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  She was a saintly woman.  I wrote about hers and the Kennedys' degrees of separation from Blessed John Paul II in the Abraham Lincoln post.  

Sex makes babies.  Not always, but every baby that is born was made sexually.  Yes, there's IVF, but to get a fetus via IVF somebody has to self-pleasure into a cup and that's sex too.  Humans reproduce sexually.  We can divorce the bodies from conception, but we still need a male and female body to get the gametes.

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