Friday, April 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen 
It's April, the month of fools.  Foolishness can manifest itself in many ways.  Most of the posts this month will be about comedians, but some will be about people who behave in a foolish manner.  As I write this, Charlie Sheen and his antics have become the laughing stock of the United States.  Jimmy Fallon did a remarkably good impression of Charlie for the mock cologne, "Winning."  Take a look.
Note the eyes, disheveled look, and extensive aging
in a relatively short time period.  All signs of substance
To see an extended interview with Charlie on The Today Show, click here.

Sheen's alcoholism and drug abuse is tragic, but sadly, not uncommon.  Charlie insists that he is in control of his substance use, but his life and looks don't agree.  Charlie is blind to the reality of his life, this makes him a tragic fool indeed.

Two sins plague Americans, sloth and gluttony.  I myself struggle furiously with both of these sins, but they manifest themselves in a lack of exercise and overeating.  When we laugh at Charlie, we are avoiding looking at our own sins.

Charlie was born Carlos Estevez.  He has a famous brother, Emilio Estevez, and his father, Martin Sheen are famous actors too.   Martin took the surname, "Sheen" out of love for the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  Martin Sheen is a devout Catholic and asks for prayer for his son.
Carol O'Conner lost his son to a drug overdose
Several years ago, Martin Sheen turned to his friend, Carol O'Conner, to help Charlie get off of drugs.  Carol, who lost his own son to drug addiction, was instrumental in that episode of recovery for Charlie.  

Charlie Sheen's life is far from "winning" at the moment.  He's lost his job, his wives, his children, and now the respect of the general public.  I will endeavor to refrain from poking fun of this guy.  He thinks he is a king, but is a fool of the most tragic sort.  I hope you will do the same.

This blogger makes a pretty compelling case for Charlie being under the influence of The Evil One.  What do you think?

A word about Heroine

infected track marks on a heroine user
When you think of heroine, think "Winning!!!," and Charlie Sheen's gaunt and crazed expression.  That sense of invincibility and godlike grandeur is what heroine is known for.  It is why it has the name, "heroine."  When you do this drug, you feel like a superhero.  This and all illegal drugs are not regulated for potency and purity.  It is easy to overdose on them with ONE DOSE.

If you are offered this or any other drug (that is not prescribed and is "recreational"), think of Charlie Sheen.  Do you want to be a "winner" too?

Charlie is very right about one thing.  Rehab is notoriously ineffective for longterm success against drug addiction.  Just don't start!

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