Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bill Maher

2 Degrees

Bill Maher and an actor

Second Degree, Bill Maher has made a good living poking fun of well-meaning, misguided Protestants who take the bible as scientific fact.  Are the subjects of his segments the fools, or is it Maher himself.  Take a look at this video (which I could not embed, sorry,) and see what happens when Maher has an intellectual Christian on, in this case, an astronomer priest from the Vatican.

First Degree, Father George Coyne is the Neil Degrasse Tyson of the Vatican.  Though retired, he still makes astronomy understandable to us.  What's more important, he helps us figure out where science leaves off and faith comes into play.  In this culture that demands a choice between faith and science, Father George Coyne helps us choose truth instead.

Pope John Paul II examines a model of the Large Binocular Telescope with its designer, Dr.Roger Angel of the University of Arizona, and Fr. George Coyne S.J., director of the Vatican Observatory, in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1987.

Here is Father Robert Barron giving a Catholic perspective on the bible as science.  

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