Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alan Roberts

A very bad porn director made a very bad movie whose central character is the prophet (peace be upon him) Muhammad.  Sure, the script is offensive, but the acting, sets, make up, and editing are downright criminal!  This movie is bad.  If people hadn't made such a fuss about it, the film would have drifted into nothingness like a fart in the wind.  Instead, the bozo who made the movie has more publicity than millions of dollars could buy. 

These are 4 miserable degrees of misunderstanding, poor tasted, and tragedy. 

Fourth Degree, Alan Roberts, "retired" porn director, is, according to is the director of the tragedy that is "The Innocence of Muslims."  Vice magazine has documentation linking the alias Alan Roberts to another name, Robert Brownell.  At the time of this post, we are not sure of the actual identity of the director of the film.  Here is the film.  Urgh!

"The Innocence of Muslims" was the excuse/reason for the invasion of the United States Embassy in Libya and Cairo and the subsequent assassination of the US ambassador to Libya.  To call "The Innocence of Muslims" a "film" is like calling a petrified turd a diamond.  I wish the media would stop referring to that rubbish as a "film".  My personal guess on the identity of Mr. Bacile is that his name is Imm or Imbacile! 
Third degree, Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by a mob in Libya. 

Libyan woman showing support for the Ambassador.  Most Muslims are NOT part of these protests.

Second degree, President Barak Obama addressed the country after the attacks.  Note first degree, Hilary Clinton behind him. 
Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Sacks
Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi for The United Kingdom has great wisdom to share with us on the concept of foreigness and the dignity of difference.  I love how he speaks about finding God in those who do not share our beliefs without sinking into moral relativism.  It is voices like his that bring peace to our world.  Guns and bombs will never work toward this holy end.  May those who died in the Middle East and Northern Africa this week not be in vain and may their memory be eternal. 

Watch this video and contemplate what he says.  The scriptures to which Lord Sacks referrs were those read by Jesus for His edification.

"Alan Roberts" skit youtube movie was the excuse for the murder of Chris Stevens appointed and mourned by Barak Obama whose Secretary of State is Hilary Clinton who met John Paul II when she was first lady of The United States.

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