Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stephen King

Stephen King
3 Degrees

Third Degree: Stephen King
What tribute series of Halloween posts would be complete without my old neighbor, Stephen King.  I used to live in beautiful Bangor, Maine on the same street as Mr. King.  I never met the man, but his presence is felt all over the town.  He has shared his wealth with the city and made it a better place to be.  My hat is off to Stephen and Tabitha King for their kind hearts and great spirits.  (The ironwork on the gate is very cool too)

Second Degree: The Franciscan Friars at the Bakehouse
Note the funky hours
Brother Kenneth is ready for business.  Upstairs is the chapel.
Nobody lives in Bangor for more than a year without a visit to The Friar's Bakehouse at 21 Central Street, Downtown Bangor, ME.  They sometimes go on mission work, so call before you go.  207-947-3770.  I am SURE that Stephen, Tabitha, and all their kids, neighbors, friends, etc. know this place and have eaten there.  Not going to the Friars' Bakehouse in Bangor would be like not going to Zabar's in New York.  It just ain't done!

For a review of the bakehouse and how the cookies can convert click here.
Read an excellent blog post a la news story about the Bakehouse here.
For a wicked good Sausage Stew recipe click here.

First Degree: Blessed Clemens August Graf von Galen:
The brothers made their way to Rome and met Benedict XVI at the beatification of August Cardinal Grav von Galen.  To find out why this man is a Catholic superhero click here. 

Karol Wojtyla (JP2) was familiar with Cardinal von Galen's writings and possibly a copy of his famous sermon against euthenasia.  No doubt, this helped bouy him up as he fought against the tide of Nazis in Poland.

Do you want your life to combine prayer and copius amounts of cinnamon?

Pining for a simple life in Maine?

Is brown your color? 

God may be calling you to be a Fanciscan Friar or Sister. 

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