Friday, October 8, 2010

Sharbat Gula, the Afghan girl

Mr. McCurry
Original picture in the background
6 Degrees

   6th Degree: Sharbat Gula's piercing green eyes appeared on the cover of National Geographic Magazine in June of 1985.  She was 12 years old.  Steve McCurry snapped the picture.  To listen to the NPR clip "Afghan Girl Mystery Solved" click here.  
 To see more of Steve McCurry’s gorgeous photographs click here.  That is also a great link to see the original photo.  I was unable to get permission to post the original photo on the blog.  
To read Steve’s blog click here

Denis Delestrac and photograph subjects
2.    5th Degree: Steve McCurry was featured in the documentary, “The Face of the Human Condition” where he met producer
4th Degree;Denis Delistrac.  Delistrac’s films include “Pax Americana, the Weaponization of Space.” 
a.      Denis Delistrac’s site is odd, either it’s under construction or it’s just minimalist. Click here to see it.
b.     For Denis’ wikepedia page click here.

3.     Among those interviewed in that documentary is  Joseph Cirincione, president of The Ploughshares fund. 
                                                i.      Joseph Cirincione is consistently listed as one of the most influential people in US foreign policy and world nuclear policy.  For The Poughshares website click here.
                                                           ii.      You can get his tweets @Cirincione
                                                        iii.      His blog is available here

4.    3rd Degree: Joseph Cirincione is an advisor to 
2nd Degree:President Barak Obama.  He appeared on The Daily Show.

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Joseph Cirincione
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5.    President Obama met 
First Degree: Pope Benedict XVI  

6.   The last two popes were good friends.  

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